Windows 11: zoom to text and images

Although it is true that the screens of electronic devices, including computers, have grown in size, we will always find ourselves with texts that are too small or images that we want to explore their finer details.

One possibility to get out of this situation is to use a manual magnifying glass to magnify the parts of the screen that are needed, but in front of a digital or pixel composition, it would not offer the expected results. Being very easy to check.

Fortunately, almost all operating systems for accessibility reasons include a magnifying glass tool as standard to make it easier for people with some type of disability to see the screen. In Windows 11, this tool is activated by pressing the Windows logo key plus the + sign. Once activated, this same key combination allows you to continue expanding the screen to the desired level. To decrease the magnification level, use the key with the โ€“ sign. And to close the tool and leave things in their normal state, press the Windows key plus ESC.

However, depending on the running program, other equally effective methods can also be applied and in some cases much more intuitive.

How to zoom on the desktop in Windows 11?

For example, in the Chrome browser, use the CTRL keys plus the + sign to use its built-in Zoom feature. In the Photos app, you can zoom using the CTRL keys plus the + sign.

How to zoom with the mouse wheel?

And if you donโ€™t want to use either the Magnifier tool or keyboard shortcuts, use the mouse wheel connected to your PC as follows.

Press the CTRL key and use the mouse wheel to adjust the level of zoom in or out of the selected elements on the screen. This is also the most effective method of zooming on the desktop.

How to zoom with the touchpad?

Now, if you have a laptop, you can also use the touchpad to zoom. Just place the cursor on the area you want to enlarge and pinch the touchpad the same way you do on the phone screen.

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