AirPlay Compatible TVs

AirPlay is a protocol for wireless transmission of multimedia content promoted by Apple. Allows content to be shared from a compatible device to screens or speakers without having to use cables. It is part of the Apple ecosystem that includes software, Apple entertainment services, and Apple devices like the iPhone and Mac.

AirPlay and the Apple ecosystem itself is gaining more presence on smart TV screens day by day thanks to its implementation in the operating systems that control Smart TVs from major brands such as LG or Samsung, i.e. webOS and Tizen respectively.

However, this has expanded to dozens of non-own brands thanks to the agreements reached by these companies to license webOS and Tizen to interested third parties. In this group are brands such as Aiwa, Hyundai, RCA, Seiki, Polaroid, among many others.

But in addition to webOS and Tizen, there are platforms such as Roku (or Roku TV) and Vizio Smartcast that natively support AirPlay, which makes the offer of televisions on which it is possible to wirelessly project the content generated in a Mac computer, iPhone or iPad. Especially since the Roku TV system is also integrated into a variety of TV models from well-known brands such as Hisense, Sansui, Sharp or TCL.

How do I know if my TV is AirPlay-compatible?

Therefore, the best way to find out if your TV is AirPlay compatible is to find out its operating system. As mentioned above, webOS and Tizen support AirPlay, so LG and Samsung smart TVs from 2019 onwards support AirPlay.

In the case of third-party brands that incorporate Tizen or webOS, the same is also true. And if the TV has a Roku TV system or works connected to a Roku device, there will also be AirPlay compatibility.

What do I do if my TV doesn’t have AirPlay?

For this, there are applications that incorporate this transmission protocol, but they only run on the Android TV and Google TV system. One of the best known is AirScreen, available in the Google Play Store on the TV.

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