How to access Secret Service Menu on Sharp Aquos Smart TV

The Aquos line of Sharp Smart TVs contains a hidden menu for use by technical staff. From this menu it is possible to modify advanced parameters and access secret functions, including Hotel mode and the factory reset function. Here we show you how to enter this menu.

To get started, turn off the TV using the remote control. Then, proceed to disconnect it from the electrical power source.

Next, go to your Sharp TV and press and hold the button Volume down and the Input button.

Connect the TV to the electrical current (while continuing to press these buttons) and wait for the screen to turn on. Once done, release the buttons.

Now, press the buttons Volume down and Channel down. The service menu (hidden menu) will then appear with a blue screen background.

To page down in the menu use the scroll down button on the remote control. Also, to navigate between its options you can use the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons on the remote control.

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2 thoughts on “How to access Secret Service Menu on Sharp Aquos Smart TV”

  1. My sharp aquos 43bl2ea has a joistick on the back, no separate buttons.
    How do I acces the service menu on this model?

  2. If it is a Android TV-Box you can install Activity Launcher to directly start Factory Menu.
    Here: cvte-ui-factorymenu
    ATTENTION: you can really mess up the Set with Factory Menu!

    Exiting Factory Menu can be a Mess, here (70DN5EA) i had to try around with a attached USB-Keyboard, F5 or F6 did the Job

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