How to access TCL Smart TV Secret Menu

Settings button on the remote control of a TCL Smart TV

In almost all conventional televisions and smart televisions there is a menu that is kept hidden from the user, since its use is reserved for technical personnel. This is the so-called secret menu or service menu, which contains advanced options, diagnostic tools, among other functions outside the average user.

What kind of settings can I access in the secret menu?

The available settings within the secret menu can differ, but they frequently encompass advanced options concerning picture and audio calibration, software updates, factory resets, and other configurations that remain inaccessible through the standard user interface.

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In the case of TCL televisions, the hidden menu allows you to configure certain image or color parameters, among many other aspects, which is why it is used when there are inverted screen problems.

Is it safe to use the TCL Smart TV Service Menu?

Using the secret menu has the potential to invalidate your warranty, and making incorrect adjustments could result in issues with your TV’s performance. It’s crucial to exercise caution and modify settings only if you are well-acquainted with the adjustments you’re making.

How to enter TCL Smart TV Service Mode

Enabling the service menu on a TCL TV involves a series of steps. To begin, power on your TV.

Initiate the process by pressing the settings button (often labeled as the Menu button) on your remote. Then, proceed to select the Picture section using the OK button and navigate to the Contrast option. Once the Contrast option is highlighted, input the number sequence 1950 using your remote TV.

Can Bluetooth be activated through the Service Menu?

It’s worth noting that not all TCL Smart TVs may provide a Bluetooth option within the hidden menu. If you’re unsure about navigating the hidden menu or making any adjustments, your best course of action would be to get in touch with TCL’s customer support.

Alternatively, you could consider seeking guidance from knowledgeable individuals in online communities such as the en.alfanotv Forums, as they might possess a deep understanding of your specific TV model.


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  1. I think you can see very well, as shown in your own picture, that the remote control contains no numbers. How am I then supposed to press 1950?

  2. Use the keyboard button on the remote to bring up the onscreen keyboard (its on top of the netflix button on mine)- I tried this and it worked fine.

  3. I change the values in the picture curve setings. It really works. But when you turn off tv and switch off then turn on again, the setings revert to its default values. Anyone who knows how to set it permanently.

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