How to connect a TCL Android TV to Wi-Fi

The first step to access the Internet from a TCL Smart TV.

Home button on a TCL Android Smart TV remote. In the background a TCL TV

One of the most important parts of configuring a new television is connecting to a Wi-Fi network, because in addition to allowing access to entertainment available on the Internet, it also serves to share content with the other devices that make up the home network through your built-in Chromecast receiver.

On a TCL Smart TV based on Android TV, this configuration is done by following a few simple steps that we will show you right away.

Connect your TCL Smart TV to Wi-Fi

  1. With the TV on, press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Select the Settings option located at the top right of the Android TV interface.
  3. Select Network and Internet and enable the Wi-Fi function.
Network and Internet settings on TCL Smart TV
  1. From the list of available wireless networks, select your Wi-Fi network, type the password and click the Enter key.

What to do if you can’t connect your TCL TV to a Wi-Fi network

Under certain circumstances it may not be possible to successfully connect the TV to the wireless network, however, these are usually external factors such as those listed below.

Lack of internet signal on the router

To verify this, try connecting to the wireless network using a Wi-Fi-enabled phone or computer. If you are still offline, contact your Internet provider.

Error typing password

Connection errors caused by typing the Wi-Fi network password without distinguishing between upper and lower case letters are common. Check that the characters you are entering match those of the original password.

Note: if you do not remember the password, consult our article: How to find your Wi-Fi password

The TV is too far from the router or there are many obstacles

It is possible that because the television is very far from the location of the router and even because there are large obstacles between these devices, the signal is of low quality and prevents the connection to the network. Try to fix these issues and try to connect.


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  1. My TV does not connect to the Internet, neither by Wi-Fi nor by ethernet cable. My router works fine with other devices in the home. What I can do?

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