How to connect (pair) a JBL soundbar with the subwoofer

Here are the steps to connect a JBL soundbar to the subwoofer via Bluetooth.

Cover image showing a soundbar and a JBL brand subwoofer. Also, there is a television, an Amazon Echo smart speaker, and a Roomba robot.

The JBL 3.1 soundbar comes with an external Bluetooth speaker that is responsible for the reproduction of low frequencies sounds (the subwoofer). Like other devices that use wireless communication technology, it will need a pairing process for the first time.

How to pair a JBL soundbar with the Bluetooth subwoofer

Plug both, the soundbar and the subwoofer, into the wall.

On the subwoofer back, touch the PAIRING button for a couple of seconds (the LED will switch from emitting a steady orange light to emitting a white flashing light).

PAIRING button on the back of the subwoofer

On the soundbar’s remote control, press the DIM DISPLAY button for 5 seconds, and release it. Press the buttons Bass + and immediately after the Bass –.

The image shows a JBL soundbar remote control highlighting the DIM display and Bass buttons.

The soundbar will enter in pairing mode and display the PAIRING message. As soon as the connection stablish, it will post the CONNECTED message. The led on the back of the subwoofer should now emit a steady white light.

JBL soundbar display showing the PAIRING message.

What to do if subwoofer not pairing up

Unplug both the soundbar and subwoofer from power for a couple of minutes. Then plug them back in.

Press the pairing button on the subwoofer until the LED starts to flash rapidly. Press the DIM DISPLAY button for 5 seconds and release it. Press the plus button (BASS) and then the minus button.

Pairing will start. Once finished, the bar should display the CONNECTED message and the subwoofer led will emit a steady white light.


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  1. Hi i have done all the above pluging out both sw and soundbar more than 10 times and switched off my wifi took both speakers to my garage so that there cant be any other devices to intefere. Still when i plug them back in switch ons and do the complete pairing setup it shows pairing then connected but still doesnt connect because the pairing light on the subwoofer still blinks fast but soundbar says connected and i have reset the soundbar aswell many times what can be the problem please if someone can assit

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