How to connect your Fire TV Stick or Chromecast to Ethernet?

A slow Wi-Fi connection negatively affects the playback of HD content streaming from wireless devices, including the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast.

This manifests itself with image freezes, choppy audio, among many other annoyances, which are aggravated by the interference of wireless networks or the presence of multiple devices using the same connection.

An immediate and very intuitive solution is to remove the Wi-Fi connection from the other devices in the home that are using it and let the Chromecast be the only one that consumes it, but in most situations it becomes unfeasible. However, there is a solution, and although it is not as intuitive as the previous one, it is very effective. It consists of using the Fire TV or Chromecast with the Ethernet connection provided by the router.

How to install an Ethernet adapter to Chromecast, Fire TV Stick or Roku?

Indeed, it is enough to get an Ethernet adapter like the one sold by the UGREEN company to provide the Chromecast or Fire TV with a wired network connection.


This inexpensive device consists of a power supply compatible with Chromecast or Fire TV and an Ethernet port to connect it with a network cable to the router, so its installation is very simple. The only recommended thing is that the TV is close to the router to avoid messy cables.

This adapter from the UGREEN company has the advantage of also being compatible with the Roku device and the Google Home Mini speakers. It is also very easy to get at any store of technological devices that work from physical stores or online, such as Amazon or Walmart.

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