How to connect your phone to Smart TV using wifi (DLNA)

Show photos and videos of your Android phone or tablet on a Smart TV (LG, Samsung, Sony …) without cables.

a cell phone in the foreground with the Nero Streaming Player app interface showing a photo. In the background there is a Smart TV showing the image of the cell phone.

What is DLNA?

DLNA is a communication standard implemented in most smart TVs. Allows content sharing between compatible devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Thanks to DLNA, you can play your photos and videos from your mobile device on the screen of almost any Smart TV with no cables. All you need is to install an application such as Nero Streaming Player (or iMediaShare) on your smartphone.

How to stream photos and videos from your smartphone to any Smart TV

Download Nero Streaming Player on your smartphone (Android or iOS).

Open Nero app, press Play from this Device and accept the remote access to your photos.

Press the button located at the bottom center of the screen and select the file type you want to transmit (Photos, Videos, Music).

Select a file, click the button located in the lower right corner and select the TV where you want to play.

Is DLNA useful for watching cell phone games on TV?

DLNA does not allow you to see what is played on your cell phone on TV. To do this, you will have to use the screen mirroring function. Most brands of Android phones include this feature. If you don’t know if your smartphone includes it, you can download the TV Connector Utils (Miracast, MHL Checker) app to find out.

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