How to download applications and games on a Samsung Smart TV

The applications on your Smart TV allow you to take full advantage of your ability to connect to the Internet. Thanks to these, you can access streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube or Spotify, social networks like Facebook, play video games, and much more. Downloading applications is straightforward, and we’ll show you below.

How to download apps and games on your Samsung Smart TV?

Press the Smart Hub button (the colored one) on the TV remote control. Then, go to Featured > Apps, and you will access the application store of your Smart TV.

You can use the magnifying glass – located on the upper right, to search for a specific application. Or peek into the various categories in which applications are classified to explore the available apps and take one.

Once you have found an application or game of your choice, you must select the app and press the Download button.

Note: you can remove the application you downloaded from the app store of your TV in case you are not comfortable with it. It will free up space in your TV’s internal memory.


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