How to fix Fire TV Stick remote issues

Fire TV Stick remote not working? Here you will find the solution

Remote control of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k. In the background the Fire TV interface.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a player that can be operated by its own remote control. This has the ability to control all the functions of the Amazon device with the greatest comfort on the part of the user. However, there may be times when the Fire TV Stick does not respond to buttons on your remote and causes discomfort. Below, we share the possible causes and solutions to the problem.

What to do if the remote of your Fire TV Stick does not work

Change the batteries in the remote control

First, replace the batteries in the remote control. This accessory is characterized by its high power consumption, so a couple of new batteries can solve the problem. Verify that the remote control works and if not, continue reading.

Pair or re-pair the remote

The original Fire TV remote is preconfigured for use with this device and automatically pairs. However, it might be necessary to pair it again, especially if it is a replacement controller. For this, using the remote control for the TV or the Fire TV app, go to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth devices > Amazon Fire TV remotes > Add New remote. Then press the Home button on the remote for 10 seconds. When it appears in the list select it and you’re done.

Pairing the remote control with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k

Note: if it is a remote control that you were already using, try pressing the Home button on the remote control for 10 seconds without going into the Fire TV settings.

Unpair other controls that you don’t use

Also, keep in mind that the Fire TV Stick can be paired with up to 7 game controllers and controls. Unlink at least one of them so you can match another one. You can do this using the following steps. Go to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth devices > Amazon Fire TV remotes > Amazon Fire TV Remote. Use the button of the three lines of the remote to unpair the one you want.

Use your phone as a Fire TV Stick remote control

If you still can’t use the remote or can’t find it, install the Amazon Fire TV application on your mobile device. This app for iOS and Android turns the smartphone or tablet into a remote control for the Fire TV Stick, but with the advantage that it is possible to enter text through the keyboard.

Using the phone as a Fire TV remote through the Fire TV app.

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