How to fix one side of Xiaomi earbuds when not working

Xiaomi is a manufacturer specialized in smartphones and related accessories, the best known being its wireless headphones.

Among these accessories, the Xiaomi Airdots, Mi True Wireless Earbuds and Redmi Airdots S models stand out for their excellent value for money, which are also characterized by being truly wireless.

These types of stereophonic headphones are designed to offer maximum comfort since they do not need an additional cable to connect with each other, something that does occur in traditional Bluetooth headphones.

They are also compatible with wireless charging and many of them support the use of voice assistants.

Headphones Only Work in One Ear

However, as in all wireless devices, connectivity problems often arise, one of the most annoying being the lack of sound on one side.

This can be due to several factors but in most cases it is due to a disconnection between headphones. Here’s how to solve the problem.

How to fix Xiaomi earbuds when only one side works

First, put the earbuds in their charging case. Next, unpair the headphones from your mobile phone.

Remove the two earbuds from their case and press their physical button or touchpad (depending on the model) for five seconds to completely turn them off. You will notice that a red light appears before this happens.

Now, simultaneously press the physical buttons or on the touchpad of each headset again for approximately twenty seconds.

During this period you will notice a series of blinks. When it happens the third time, stop pressing and place the headphones in their charging case.

Finally, re-pair the headphones with your mobile phone.


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