How to get more storage for your Hyundai Android TV

Internal shared storage on Android Smart TV

The internal storage capacity of a Smart TV is a factor in its selling price. An economic model equipped with Android TV such as those that the Hyundai company usually sells usually brings only 8 GB, an amount that may be insufficient to install new applications from the official Google Play Store or alternative markets such as Aptoide TV.

In addition, the internal memory of the television is responsible for housing the operating system, so the amount of space available to download games or applications is even less.

Know how much space is available on your Hyundai TV

One way to check is the following.

  1. Use the TV remote control to enter the Settings menu.
  2. Then go to Device Preferences > Storage > Internal shared storage.

Is it possible to increase the memory of Hyundai Android TV?

Fortunately, the Android TV system has a feature that allows you to extend the internal memory of a TV by connecting a USB storage device to any of the available USB ports. The USB device chosen to fulfill this function will need to be pre-formatted and cannot be removed. It will also not serve to exchange information with other compatible equipment as its content will be encrypted. The procedure consists of very few steps. Here we show you.

How to increase memory on Hyundai Android TV with a USB

  1. To get started, connect a USB stick or external hard drive to the TV.
  2. Disregard any warning that appears on the screen. Then go to Notifications.
  3. On this screen, locate the USB memory that you want to use as additional memory, and then select the option Set as device storage.
  4. Next, select the Format option.
  5. Wait for the process to finish. Once this is done, you will be able to transfer the applications and files compatible with this function to this new unit. So you can have more space in the internal memory of your Hyundai TV.
  6. To achieve this go to Settings > Device Preferences > Storage.
  7. Then select the USB drive and click Migrate data to this storage.


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