How to mirror Android phone to Xiaomi Android TV Box

Mirroring un Android smartphone to TV connected to an Android TV Box

The Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick devices are two multimedia players manufactured by the Chinese company Xiaomi that differ somewhat in size and price, but are similar in their ability to play a wide variety of streaming multimedia content through the television to which They are connected. Both are equipped with certified Android TV, which gives them the ability to run a large number of streaming applications compatible with this operating system, including YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus, Spotify, Deezer and many others available in the Play store. Store.

In addition, the Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick players incorporate Google’s Chromecast technology, which also allows them to receive content broadcasts from smartphones and tablets that are connected to the same wireless network, not just from streaming applications running on the mobile device, but also photos from the gallery or even the full screen.

In this context, Android users are the most benefited, since this operating system includes by default the Google Home application, designed to integrate Google’s technological devices for the home, but which also has a screen mirroring function towards Chromecast. Follow these steps to cast your Android cell phone screen to Mi Box S or Mi TV Stick using Google Home.

How to mirror your phone screen to Mi Box S or Mi TV Stick

  1. Turn on the TV to which you have the Mi Box S or Mi TV Stick device connected (make sure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Android phone or tablet).
  2. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Scroll down to the Other Cast Devices section and select the Xiaomi wireless device.
  1. Finally, tap on Cast my screen > Cast screen and voila!

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