How to mirror your PC screen to Samsung Smart TV

Project your PC screen to your TV wirelessly

Laptop screen projected on a Samsung Smart TV wirelessly

Starting with Windows 8.1, you can use Miracast technology to project your computer screen to compatible televisions. Thanks to Miracast, you do not need to use cables to display on a larger screen any content you have on your hard drive, such as movies, PowerPoint presentations, photos, and even your video games and Internet pages.

How to project your laptop screen to a Samsung Smart TV

  1. Hold down theWindows key and press P on your keyboard (the Windows key is found between the left Ctrl and Alt keys).
  2. On the right side of the screen, choose one of the projection options:
  • Duplicate: useful for projecting PowerPoint presentations, video games, etc.
  • Second Screen Only: Ideal for projecting movies, as the laptop screen turns off when projecting.
  1. After choosing the type of projection, click Connect to a wireless display.
  2. Select your TV and the projection will begin.
  3. To end the projection, press Windows key + P, then click Connect to a wireless display > Disconnect.

Note: To find out if your PC supports screen mirroring, see the following article: How to check if your PC supports Miracast.

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