How to reset a TCL Smart TV (Android TV and Roku)

In these lines we show you how to reset your TCL Smart TV to factory settings. This is one of the options most used by users who want to delete the information that is saved while using the equipment because they plan to sell it or want to resolve a mismatch caused by a third-party application. The steps vary depending on the TV’s operating system.

How to factory reset a TCL Android TV

Turn on the TV and go to the main screen of the Android TV system by pressing the Home button on the remote control.

Go to Settings (gear icon) and select this option by pressing the OK button. Select Storage & Reset and press the OK button. Select Factory data reset and press OK. Some models may require a PIN to be entered. If this is the case, enter the sequence 1234.

After this, the factory settings will be restored. This means that the device will work like a TV out of the store and you will have to configure it according to your preferences.

How to factory reset a TCL Roku TV

Turn on the tv. Then select Settings and press the OK key. Then select the System option. Then select Advanced system settings.

From the options presented in the Advanced system settings menu, select Factory Reset. Follow the instructions and wait for the TV to restart.


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