How to set up a new Chromecast Ultra

Turn your TV into a Smart TV and get YouTube, Netflix and other video streaming services on the big screen.

Samsung TV and a Chromecast Ultra device.

Chromecast Ultra is a streaming device that connects to the TV through an HDMI port.

It is capable of reproducing the content that is sent to it from a mobile device through a compatible application such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, among others. To operate it requires an Internet connection and a setup process the first time you use it.

Set up Chromecast Ultra with an iPhone or Android

Connect the Chromecast Ultra to an HDMI port on the TV and plug it into an outlet.

a Chromecast Ultra device plugged into a TV

Using the remote control, select the TV port to which you have plugged the HDMI. A message will appear inviting you to download the Google Home app.

The image shows, on a TV, an invitation to download the Google Home app in your smartphone.

On your smartphone (or tablet), download and install Google Home app.

Open Google Home and sign in with a Google account. If you don’t have one, click to know how to create one.

On the main Google Home screen, touch the Add button.

The image shows a smartphone screenshot highlighting the Add button in the Home configuration.

Touch Set up device > Set up new devices. Choose Home and touch Next.

The image shows a smartphone screenshot highlighting Home as a chosen option.

Enable Bluetooth, and the app will do a nearby device search. When you find your Chromecast, select it and touch Next. Verify that the code that appears on the TV and the phone is the same, and touch. Yes.

Select the location where your Chromecast will be (for example, living room) and touch Next. Select your Wi-Fi network and tap Next. Enter the password and touch Next.

Follow the instructions on the screen until you reach the main Google Home screen. Touch the home-shaped button and the name of the environment where your Chromecast Ultra (Living room) is displayed. Select it to finish.

A smartphone screenshot with the main Google Home screen entirely setup. Highlights the home-shaped button.

Once set up, your TV will display images randomly, and you will be ready to stream content from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Note: Chromecast Ultra is compatible with Google Home, so if you have one of these devices (Google Home Mini, Google Nest Hub), you can ask by voice to play YouTube or Netflix content into your TV with Chromecast Ultra.

Send YouTube or Netflix videos to Chromecast from your smartphone

Open the YouTube app on your smartphone and play a video.

Touch the Cast button and select your Chromecast (Living room) from the list of available devices.

Casting a YouTube video from smartphone to Chromecast

Send Netflix or YouTube videos to Chromecast from your laptop

Open the Google Chrome browser. Enter the Netflix (or YouTube) site and play a series or movie.

Touch the send button in the lower right corner.

In the window that opens, click on the environment where your Chromecast Ultra is (Living room), and playback on your TV will begin.

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