How to voice control Roomba vacuums using Amazon Echo with Alexa?

Thanks to Alexa, Amazon Echo smart speakers, are capable of controlling smart home devices such as iRobot Roomba 980 vacuum robots, in addition to answering questions or play music asked by voice. If you have one of these vacuum cleaners, all you need is to add a Skill, a small application that allows Alexa to control your robot.

How to add Alexa Skill to control Roomba with your voice?

From Amazon site, get the iRobot Home skill from your PC by clicking into the Sign In button.

Log in to your Amazon account (enter your email, password, and click Sign-In).

In the popup window, click the Send OTP button. An ID verification code will be sent to you.

Enter OTP code you received and click Continue. Finally, click Activate.

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