How to watch HBO Max on TV

HBO Max on a TV

HBO Max is a subscription-based online entertainment platform with a presence in the United States and many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It is a service that has aroused the interest of smart TV users for its catalog that includes original productions (Max Originals) and cinematographic material distributed by Warner Bros and Cartoon Network, among other companies. Also striking is its introductory offer that grants a lifetime discount of 50 percent on the cost of membership.

HBO Max subscription plans

HBO Max presents two subscription plans that can be contracted by entering its web portal from a desktop browser. The first is the so-called Mobile plan for exclusive access from iOS and Android mobile devices. The second is its Standard plan, with access from any device with an Internet connection, including computers and smart TVs.

Needless to say, the latter is the ideal subscription mode to enjoy its content in high definition and 4K. That is why we show you a summary of all the screens through which you can access HBO Max.

How to watch HBO Max on an LG TV

The HBO Max platform is compatible with LG TVs equipped with WebOS from version 3.5. To enjoy its content on this kind of TV, just download its application from the LG Content Store and log in with a subscriber account.

How to watch HBO Max on a Samsung TV

HBO Max is available on Samsung smart TVs manufactured as of 2016. The download of its corresponding application is carried out starting from a search on the Samsung Smart Hub platform. As with LG televisions, the user account must have been previously created in a computer browser.

How to watch HBO Max on an Android TV

HBO Max is compatible with the Android TV platform. Its application for Hisense, AOC, Hyundai, Noblex, Sony and Philips smart TVs has a version published in the Play Store. This also applies to boxes based on Android TV, for example Xiaomi Mi Box S, Nvidia Shield TV Pro, among others.

What other Smart TV platforms is HBO Max available on ?

HBO Max is available on the Roku platform and televisions with Roku TVs, Apple TV devices, Chromecast devices, and the Xbox One console. An application that supports the Vidaa platform from Hisense and Toshiba is scheduled to be released.

What to do if your Smart TV is not compatible with HBO Max?

Many smart TV models of various brands are governed by operating systems on which the HBO Max platform is not yet available.

However, there is a very simple and inexpensive way to enjoy HBO Max on these screens. It consists of connecting compatible wireless devices to the TV’s HDMI input and controlling content playback from a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) running the HBO Max mobile application. The streaming devices supported by HBO Max are Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV.

Another possibility is to access HBO Max directly from a desktop browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari (Mac) and later duplicate the computer screen on the TV, either via HDMI cable or using wireless technology.

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Download HBO Max content for offline viewing

Downloading HBO Max content to play it without being connected to the Internet is a common feature of their subscription plans, however, they differ in the number of titles that can be downloaded: in the Mobile plan it is 5 titles, while in the Standard plan is 30 titles. This download feature is only compatible with computers, phones, and tablets.


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