How to watch IPTV on Xiaomi Mi Box S

Use Mi Box S to watch TV and all kinds of Internet multimedia content.

GSE Smart IPTV application interface on a Smart TV

Mi Box S is a streaming video player that uses Android TV and supports Google Cast technology, which also allows it to act as a Chromecast receiver.

Using either of these two options, it is possible to watch Internet TV channels contained in an M3U file through Mi Box, which is nothing more than a playlist with the IP addresses from which the videos are broadcast.

Below, we show you the best way to watch IPTV with Xiaomi Mi Box S.

Watch IPTV lists on Mi Box S

First, open the Play Store application on the Mi Box S device. Find and download the GSE Smart IPTV application.

This application has been adapted to work with Android TV and works with remote lists that are updated from the web and lists stored locally. In addition, it supports multiple audio tracks and can play the recordings that you have stored on the SD card connected to the Mi Box S device.

Open GSE Smart IPTV and click on Remote Playlists. Next, click the + button and then click the Add M3U URL button.

Add the playlist link of a remote M3U list and clic the ADD button.

Wait for the content to load and select the channel you want to watch. You can add multiple lists as you get them online. This is the method that gives the best results.

However, this application also works with local M3U files, that is, they have been downloaded to the SD card or are available from a server on your local network. To add a playlist, the application offers you various tools, including a built-in FTP server.

Send IPTV lists from the phone to Mi Box S

Another way to watch IPTV in Xiaomi Mi Box S is to download the same GSE Smart IPTV application to the cell phone but in its mobile version for iOS or Android.

This app is compatible with Chromecast. Follow the same steps to load an M3U file into the mobile application and use the transmit button to watch the videos through the Chromecast integrated in Mi Box S.


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  1. Mohammed Arslan

    thanks for good explanations, i have tried another app called IPTV STREAM PLAYER, i downloaded directly from Play store. i have got free iptv playlist from … and use the subscription on both GSE IPTV and IPTV Stream app. mi box has amazing performance in watching experience.

  2. Why should I buy a TV box if I have a Samsung 65″ RU7100.

    Or is that the best solution for aging hardware from dr samsung.

    Waarom zou ik een tv box kopen als ik een samsung 65″ RU7100 heb.

    Of is dat toch dr beste oplosding in verband met veroudetende hardware van dr samsung.

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