How to watch Photocall.TV on TV?

No matter what Netflix or Amazon Prime Video do to make their subscription plans cheaper, there will always be users looking for entertainment online for absolutely nothing.

This is precisely what offers, an Internet television platform that provides access to the signals of thousands of television channels from around the world and free circulation, although it also includes some premium channels that it would be good for you to discover. by yourself. is a platform that works correctly from the Internet browser of the computer and smartphones and although it seems paradoxical, it is not capable of running from the browser that integrates smart televisions.

However, what can be done is indirectly send the signals received on the phone to the smart TV. To achieve this, all you have to do is use the Web Video Caster application, available for iOS and Android, as an intermediary.

What is Web Video Caster?

This app can launch from its built-in browser. And it is capable of connecting in a variety of ways with a smart TV running on the same Wi-Fi network as the phone it runs on in order to share the stream. You can do this through the TV’s built-in Internet browser, Chromecast protocol, Roku system, and more. This ensures compatibility with Android TV and Google TV televisions, television platforms that dominate the market.

How to get on TV?

Web Video Caster contains an Internet browser. It is only a matter of accessing this browser from the application options menu and entering

Once this is done and after starting to reproduce the signal of the chosen channel, all you have to do is connect the Web Video Caster to the big screen.

Tap the streaming icon located at the top of the screen and select the connection method that best suits the devices you have on your home network. It preferably uses Chromecast, but it also works effectively when connecting Web Video Caster with the Internet browser of the smart TV. In addition, this method has a very easy-to-use wizard.

You can download Web Video Caster to your phone from App Store and Google Play Store.

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