IPTV: How to access GitHub’s list of 8000 free TV channels?

IPTV (Internet television) is a system for watching television and content on demand taking advantage of the broadband connection that reaches homes. It is similar to traditional cable systems with the difference that the television signals travel through fiber optics and are delivered to the user who contracts the service through a decoder device, and the content can be recorded to be viewed later.

It is a completely legal system when it is provided by the Internet provider or entities that have the respective transmission rights. Each IPTV package can combine signals from digital television channels that broadcast their content openly, pay television channels and content on demand, all of them grouped in a list.

However, IPTV lists that broadcast streaming content that can be played through specific applications for computers, phones and smart TVs work under this same concept, which enter the realm of the illegal when they contain the pirated signals of sports channels from payment or give access to exclusive content from platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV Plus.

GitHub’s 8,000 Free Channels List

But this is not the case of the IPTV list that we provide you in this link (.m3u), since it contains channels from all over the world that broadcast in open signal.

In addition, it is published on the GitHub platform owned by Microsoft, well known for hosting open source software projects and developments.

This IPTV list is constantly updated by the team behind its publication and to access it you only have to have a program on your computer that decrypts it.

How to play the list of 8000 IPTV channels from GitHub

On Windows, download the IP-TV Player program from this link. Next, open the program and paste the GitHub IPTV list into the box below the Channel list URL (M3U format) option. Wait for the list to load and play your preferred channel.

On TVs and TV boxes equipped with Android TV and Google TV, go to the Google Play Store and download the TiViMate IPTV Player app.

Next, open the app and select Add List. Under Playlist Type, select M3U Playlist. Next, select Enter the URL and fill the GitHub IPTV list.

On an Android smartphone or iPhone, download the GSE Smart IPTV app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then open the app and go to the Lists screen. Click the Add List button identified with a plus sign and select Link m3u. Next, give the list a name and type it into the Link field. To finish, click Done.

GSE Smart IPTV supports Google Cast and AirPlay, so you can use this app to stream the channels on this list to a Chromecast-enabled TV, LG and Samsung AirPlay-enabled smart TVs, Roku TVs, and other compatible devices.

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