Turn your Android phone into a univesal remote

AnyMote Universal Remote turns your old Android phone into a universal remote control

Cell phone working as a universal remote control with the AnyMote Universal Remote app

Many models of smartphones have an infrared sensor, which gives them an additional utility such as being able to help control televisions and other domestic devices compatible with the remote control. This is the case of Samsung Galaxy phones (S4, S5 and S6), HTC phones (One M9), ZTE (Nubia Z9), LG (G4, G5), Xiaomi (Redmi Note 4) and many others. AnyMote Universal Remote is an application for Android that helps us precisely to convert an Android phone equipped with an infrared sensor such as those mentioned above into a remote control, in addition, it has the advantage that it is compatible with thousands of electronic devices.

Turn your phone into a universal TV remote

AnyMote Universal Remote is very easy to use. After downloading and installing the application, just add the type of device you want to control remotely. The application allows you to specify your brand and model if necessary. Next it will offer the panel to control it in a tactile way. In addition, if the terminal does not have an infrared port, it offers a Wi-Fi control system compatible with Smart TVs Samsung, LG, Sony, among others, and can even be configured to work with the Alexa assistant. AnyMote Universal Remote works with Android 4.4.2 onwards.

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