What is an Android TV Box ?

The concept of obsolescence also applies to Smart TVs. That is to say, sooner or later new models will appear that offer better screen quality, new technologies and, more importantly, access to a greater number of streaming services, but it does not mean that those old devices will stop serving.

In fact, it is possible to keep them running efficiently with the help of products like TV boxes. These devices have the ability to play Internet content and run certain applications depending on their operating system.

How do TV Boxes work?

They are connected by HDMI cable to the television and usually have a remote control and the possibility of being controlled from a smartphone thanks to their Wi-Fi connectivity.

The ones that stand out the most are undoubtedly those equipped with Android TV and variants of this platform such as Google TV, since for a low price they give access to the Google Play Store, they have Bluetooth technology, integrated Chromecast technology and the support of a tech giant like Google.

Which is the best Android TV Box?

Among these artifacts stand out the Xiaomi Mi Box S devices, Chromecast with Google TV and Nvidia Shield.


All of them offer access to the main streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Spotify and, in addition, they have the advantage of being able to run third-party applications in APK format and games.

Other types of TV Boxes

However, there are other quite popular TV boxes. We are talking about Roku and Fire TV devices.

Both have their own content store, have screen mirroring functions and provide good video resolution. They also offer access to major music and movie streaming services.

You can also not fail to mention the Apple TV players made by Apple. This is a superior range of TV boxes optimized for use with Apple devices such as the iPhone and Mac computers.

Apple TV TV boxes offer premium features, Dolby Atmos sound, 4K resolution and are compatible with the AirPlay protocol. Its content store is the App Store, well known among iPhone users.

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