Why you should not buy the Apple TV (3rd generation) on Black Friday?

On the occasion of Black Friday, in many online stores and second-hand stores such as Facebook Marketplace, the third version of the Apple TV player, which as is known was launched in 2012, is being offered at considerably reduced prices.

Actually, the Apple TV (3rd generation) is an obsolete device, because it does not have support for TV OS, the current operating system for the new generations of Apple TV.

Also, your operating system no longer allows you to download new apps from the App Store. At most, the available updates update the factory-integrated applications, which little by little will stop working as their developers abandon them, as has happened with the YouTube application.

Therefore, the recommendation is not to purchase the Apple TV (3rd generation) despite its attractive price. In any case, your purchase would only serve to use it as an AirPlay receiver and thus be able to transmit the content offered by online entertainment applications compatible with said protocol from the iPhone or iPad.

Image by yousafbhutta from Pixabay

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