How to know who has added you as a WhatsApp contact?

An aspiration of many in this digital age is to strengthen their connections with as many people as possible. In this context, the telephone book plays an important role, since it is the object used by messaging applications such as WhatsApp to generate the list of contacts.

The WhatsApp contact list allows you to send messages to friends or acquaintances more quickly, but the fact that we have added them to our agenda does not mean that they have included us in theirs.

Curiosity to find out can lead us to ask a direct question, especially if we have special regard for a certain contact. However, there is a trick to avoid it and it comes hand in hand with the WhatsApp function known as Broadcast Lists.

A WhatsApp broadcast list allows you to send the same message to two or more contacts, which can be done repeatedly once the list has been created. However, it has a particularity: it will only be received if our WhatsApp number belongs to the agenda or contact list of the participants of the broadcast list. Therefore, once a message of this type is sent, it will suffice to check if it has been received to discover if we are a contact of the recipient.

How to create a broadcast list in WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp, enter the Chats screen and tap on Broadcast list > New list.

Next, select two or more contacts up to a maximum of 256 and click on Create list.

In this case, include the contact you want to find out if they have added you to their address book.

Once the broadcast list is created, give it a name for convenience. Then, write a hello message or a friendly message to avoid raising suspicions and send it.

If the message is answered, it means that it has been read and therefore that your number is included in the contact book of the person who answered it.

To check the information regarding the person who did not reply, press and hold on the sent message and select the Info option. If it only appears as delivered, you will know that you are not included in their contact list.

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