How to listen to WhatsApp audios before sending them

In this tab we show you how to listen to a WhatsApp voice note before sending it to a contact or group.

This is a function that has been integrated into the WhatsApp mobile application and was highly anticipated by its users as it allows them to review details of the recording in search of errors and correct them on the fly.

It consists of recording the audio without holding down the record button so that it is not sent automatically.

How to listen to WhatsApp audios before sharing them?

Enter the conversation from which you are going to send a voice note.

Tap on the microphone icon and slide it up. An icon in the form of a padlock will serve as a guide.

Once the recording interface appears start composing your voice memo. Click on the pause button as many times as you consider necessary and when you finish, click on the play button to review its content.

If the content of the recording is correct, click on the send message button. Otherwise, tap the recycle bin icon to discard the recording.

Image by M.H. from Pixabay

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