How to Put Music in Your WhatsApp States?

WhatsApp already has an update planned that has among its main additions the possibility of including recorded sounds in its States function. This brings it closer to what Instagram or Facebook offer with their stories, and which makes users of these music-addicted social networks very happy, since to a certain degree it allows them to let their circle of friends know their musical preferences.

But while that moment arrives, we will show you a very simple trick to add your favorite music as background sound to your WhatsApp states, be they still photos or videos. For this you only need to have a musical application on your mobile phone that has the ability to run in the background. For example, Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer. Follow these steps to perform the trick.

How to add your favorite music to your WhatsApp states?

Open the music application that has in its repertoire the song you want to put in your WhatsApp states.

Play the song, turn the volume all the way up, and make sure it’s playing through the phone’s speakers.

Now enter WhatsApp and click on States. Then tap on My status.

Wait for the part of the song you want to publish to play and click the button to record video.

Once you finish recording, tap on the WhatsApp status post button.

Image by Shiva Prasad from Pixabay

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