How to record dual camera videos with Instagram

One of the novelties introduced in high-end phone models such as the Samsung S21, XiaomiMi 10T Pro or Huawei P50 is video recording using both cameras simultaneously, and we are referring to the front camera and the rear camera.

This recording mode allows you to combine both camera views on the same screen, which can be useful for people who are into vlogging or creating content for social media.

However, do not think that only with a high-end phone you can record dual camera videos, as you can also do it using third-party applications, especially Instagram.

Indeed, this photography application has been outdoing itself over time and thanks to a recent update it is now possible to enjoy the dual recording mode using a not very old iPhone or Android phone.

Here’s how to use it.

How to use Instagram Dual?

First of all, update Instagram to its latest version. On Android, go to the Google Play Store, find the Instagram tab, and tap Update. On iPhone, do the same but from the App Store.

Open Instagram and swipe right. Select Story or Reel and tap on Dual. You will immediately notice that both camera views are displayed on the screen and you can toggle them and resize them according to your preference.

Finally, hit the record button.

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