Jitsi Meet: free group video calls with no time limit

Jitsi Meet allows video calls without time limits or participants

For those who do not like video calls with time limits or participants, Jitsi Meet is a highly recommended option. This video calling application works under an open source license, it is free for all types of users and by not putting restrictions on the number of participants or the duration of an online meeting it adds a valuable feature: users do not need to have an account on the platform or any other with which to identify to start a video call.

Jitsi Meet, like similar applications such as Zoom or Skype, has native applications for iOS and Android, but it is also possible to start a video conference from a desktop browser, the latter being the fastest way to start a video call or online meeting. These are the steps to follow.

How to start a video call with Jitsy Meet

  1. Go to https://meet.jit.si/.
  2. In the Start a new meeting section, type the name of the room and click GO.
  1. If requested, authorize the use of the camera and microphone.
  2. Finally, click on Invite more people so you can share the meeting link.
  3. This option allows you to copy the link or share it through Gmail, Hotmail / Outlook, Yahoo Mail or the mail client that you use regularly.

How to watch your Jitsi Meet video call on a TV with Android TV

Thanks to Puffin TV, a version of the Puffin browser that runs on devices running Android TV, you can watch your Jitsi Meet meeting on the big screen without having to use connectivity through Miracast or the one offered by devices like Chromecast. Thus, you can also share your incidents with those around you. These are the steps to follow.

  1. Download Puffin TV from the Play Store or Aptoide TV.
  2. Open Puffin TV on your TV or box with Android TV.
  3. Go to https://meet.jit.si/.
  4. In the Start a new meeting section, type the name of the Jitsi Meet room you want to join and click GO.
Jitsi Meet video call on a Smart TV

Image by Jagrit Parajuli from Pixabay

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