WhatsApp: how to check messages with the phone turned off?

WhatsApp messages are an important part of our correspondence. And it is that every minute millions of messages are exchanged, an activity that is carried out mainly from smartphones connected to the Internet.

However, over time, WhatsApp messaging options have evolved positively for the benefit of users.

One of them is the appearance of the computer version of WhatsApp, which allows a client to be linked to the user account registered on the phone that connects to the WhatsApp servers independently. That is, without having the phone on or connected to the Internet.

This allows that in any circumstance or special situation, we can turn off the phone and continue using WhatsApp from the computer without giving up basic features such as reviewing, replying or writing messages.

The way to install a WhatsApp client on the computer and link it to a user account is very simple. These are the steps to follow.

How to appear online on WhatsApp with the phone turned off?

Enter the WhatsApp download page and download the WhatsApp program for computer (Windows or Mac).

You can also use the version of WhatsApp that works from the Internet browser, and for this type the following address in your browser: https://web.whatsapp.com/.

In both cases, access the interface of the respective application and follow the instructions. Once your phone number is linked to them, you can, if you wish, turn it off or disconnect it from the Internet, being able to continue connected to WhatsApp.

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