Why do you have to clear the Telegram cache?

What is an application cache?

During the operation of a program, the most frequently used data is temporarily stored in a space within the main memory or attached to it, but with much faster access known as cache memory. Thus, any subsequent request referring to said data will be attended to more promptly.

Cache memory is a key factor in speeding up the operation of software that handles large amounts of information. However, this fact also leads to its size growing excessively and over time it is occupied by corrupt files and unnecessary data, subtracting resources for other applications. Therefore, giving it periodic maintenance, executing cleaning tasks means reinforcing the performance of the processor and the operating system in general.

Telegram is an application that intensively accesses the cache, as this represents a more efficient management of the multimedia information generated by its operation. With its unlimited cloud file hosting feature, users download and stream rich HD media content that works best by accessing the cache.

But, all this information that the Telegram app downloads from the cloud can cause its allocated cache space to grow uncontrollably, interfering with the functioning of the other applications running on the smartphone. A situation that is better to prevent with a simple cleaning task.

How to clear the Telegram cache?

On both Android and iPhone, the cleaning procedure is similar. Follow these steps.

Open the Telegram app on your phone and tap on Settings.

Now, go to Data and storage > Storage usage.

Here you can check the cache size that Telegram currently occupies. To remove it, tap on Clear all cache.

How to automatically clear the Telegram cache?

However, being able to resort to a manual method to clear the Telegram cache does not mean that there is no automatic option within the Telegram mobile application. And of course there is.

You are on the same Storage Usage screen described in the previous paragraph. With this self-cleaning option, you only have to establish a period of time so that the content of private chats, groups and channels that are not accessed within the set period are automatically deleted.

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