Badoo for iPhone

An app to meet new people and make new friends online from your iPhone or iPad

Badoo is a social network created for its members to meet new people in their region. It works from the web and on iOS and Android mobile devices. There are several ways to contact your users, including the Nearby People feature, which displays profiles near your location. Another of its most important functions is Dating, which allows the user to navigate between different profiles and vote for the one he likes; And if there is a mutual attraction between two users, the two will be notified and will be able to communicate directly.

To become a Badoo member, you just need to create a user account. This requires providing an email address (or cell phone number) and a profile picture. From there you can send messages to other users, explore profiles, receive notifications, etc. If you wish, you can increase your popularity by activating the Badoo Premium account.

Badoo for Android

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How to connect a PS4 wireless controller to an iPhone or iPad

Now you can use your DualShock 4 controller to control many iOS games and applications

PS4 controller paired with an iPhone X

With the arrival of iOS 13, the list of wireless controllers that can be used on the screens of the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV has been expanded to include the DualShock 4. This original controller of the PlayStation console joins the Bluetooth controls with MFI certification to play more comfortably compatible video games published in the App Store or the Apple Arcade platform. Here, we show you how to pair a DualShock 4 with your iPhone.

How to pair a DualShock 4 controller with your iPhone or iPad

  1. Press the PS and SHARE buttons at the same time until the rear light on the controller starts to flash. With this you will have activated the pairing mode of DualShock 4.
 Buttons to put the PS4 controller in pairing mode
  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings and activate the Bluetooth connection.
  2. In the Other devices section, select DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller.

Once the synchronization is done, the DualShock 4 controller LED will emit a reddish light.

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How to check if your PC supports Miracast for screen mirroring

You can easily know if your equipment is capable of casting its screen to a television wirelessly

Screen of a laptop projected on a Samsung Smart TV using Miracast

Miracast is a technology that allows information to be shared between nearby devices wirelessly. It is based on WiFi Direct technology, so it does not need an access point to connect to two compatible computers; they only need to be close to each other, for example in the same room. It is used in wireless screens, audio equipment, Smart TVs, computers, etc. In addition, it can be used on screens or televisions that do not have Miracast technology, by connecting wireless adapters, very similar in appearance to Chromecast devices.

All computers that come preinstalled with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 support Miracast technology. Therefore, they can transmit their content (games, movies…) to Miracast screens. They can also project the screen of another Miracast-compatible computer or Android phone onto their own screen. However, on computers that have been upgraded from Windows 8 or Windows 7 there may be technical limitations that do not allow a successful connection. A solution to this problem would be to purchase additional hardware such as Miracast transmitters or choose to use a Chromecast receiver and its screen mirroring feature.

How to know if your PC supports Miracast

  1. Press Windows key + R, type dxdiag and press Enter. (The Windows key is placed between the Ctrl and Alt keys).
  2. In the window that opens, click on the System tab > Save the information.
  3. Save the file with a .txt extension on your PC.
  4. Now, open it and look in the Miracast section if your equipment is compatible (Available) or not.

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How to mirror your laptop to a TV with Fire TV Stick

Project your PC screen to a TV wirelessly

Laptop screen projected onto a television using an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Most televisions, smart or not, have inputs where you can connect a wired PC and duplicate the signal seen on the monitor. This enables online movies and videos, presentations, or a graphic design program to be viewed on a larger screen. However, nowadays it is also possible to mirror the PC screen on a television wirelessly, since this technology has been integrated into the latest versions of Windows and Smart TVs are integrated from the factory. Furthermore, traditional televisions can receive wireless signals from a PC through certain streaming devices such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and even Chromecast. Here we show you how to share your PC screen with your TV using an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How to project your PC screen to a TV using a Fire TV Stick

  1. Connect the Fire TV Stick to an HDMI port on the TV and configure it (see HERE.).
  2. On the Fire TV go to Settings > Display and sound > Enable Display Mirroring.
 Display Mirroring screen on Fire TV
  1. On your PC press the Windows key + P and select one of the projection options on the right hand side of the screen. (The Windows Key is found between the left Ctrl and Alt keys).
  2. Then click Connect to a wireless display.
 Screen projection options menu in Windows 10
  1. Click Fire TV in the window that opens, and your PC screen will begin to be projected on the TV.
 Windows desktop on TV

Note: To find out if your PC supports screen mirroring, see the following article: How to check if your PC supports Miracast.

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Zoom for Windows

One of the best options for online meetings

Zoom is an application that has become a trend in these times of coronavirus, since it offers a virtual space where people unable to do so can meet in person for abiding by the recommendations to stay home to avoid infections. Zoom offers an online platform from which it is possible to communicate by voice calls, video calls, text messages, as well as exchange files and share screens in real time.

Zoom is widely used by companies and educational institutions due to its ability to virtually connect people who work together or receive online training courses. However, it can also be used by private individuals for communication with friends or family. Its session recording function stands out, thanks to which the participants of a web conference can review it at a later time.

Zoom can be used from computers and mobile devices. It has payment options aimed at companies or educational institutes that need a large number of participants, but it also offers a free plan that allows the interaction of up to one hundred participants with video calls limited to 40 minutes. It is not necessary to register on the platform to enter an online meeting scheduled by another user, however, in order to be the host and invite other people to a meeting, you must have a Zoom account. This user account is very easy to obtain from, for which you only have to provide a valid email address. After this, the Zoom program will automatically be downloaded to the computer.

Zoom for Android

Zoom for iPhone / iPad

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5KPlayer for Windows

Enjoy all your multimedia files and turn your PC into an AirPlay and DLNA receiver

5KPlayer is an interesting combination of tools for the enjoyment of our music and movie files that we have on the computer and those that are available on the web. This software can play songs and videos in different formats, including movies in DVD format and ISO format. It also integrates a section to play web content, through which you can enter the streaming addresses of online radio stations and compatible video services. To all this is added a tool to download videos from the Internet, for example from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.

Among its other functions it integrates a DLNA-compatible media server, through which music, photo and video files stored on the hard drive of the PC can be shared with other devices on the local network. Finally, it includes an Airplay and DLNA content receiver that offers the possibility of mirroring an iPhone or iPad screen to a computer, as well as wirelessly playing multimedia content from smartphones or other devices that support the aforementioned transmission protocols.

How to use 5K Player to mirror your iPhone screen to a PC or TV

  1. Launch 5KPlayer on your PC.
  2. In the software interface, click the AirPlay icon.
  3. In the Settings menu, click AirPlay and enable the AirPlay service.
  1. On your iPhone, open the Control Center by sliding your finger down from the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Screen mirroring, select 5KPLAYER and you’re done.
iPhone Screen projected on a laptop and on a television at the same time

Trick: if you have a Miracast-compatible Smart TV (LG, Samsung), you can use it to display the PC screen and in turn the iPhone screen. To do this, press Windows Key + P. Choose a projection type, click Connect to a wireless projection and select your Smart TV.

5KPlayer developer site

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How to mirror your PC screen on Chromecast

Send movies, presentations or your video calls to a TV with Chromecast

Screen of a laptop projected on a TV connected to Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a device that connects to a television through the HDMI port and plays on this device the content that is sent to it via Wi-Fi from compatible mobile applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Google Photos, among many others. However, its wireless technology is also integrated into the desktop version of Google Chrome. Chrome users can use a Chromecast device in several ways, including duplicating the Windows screen with sound included on the TV, which is equivalent to being able to show presentations, video calls, movies, etc. Below, we show you how to do it.

How to mirror your computer screen to a TV with Chromecast

  1. Open Chrome on your PC and click on the three-dot icon located at the top right of the screen.
  2. On the menu that appears, click Cast…
  1. In the menu that opens, click on the Sources drop-down menu and select the Cast desktop option.
  2. Once the Cast desktop option is activated, select the Chromecast device.
  1. Finally, tap on the screen you want to stream and click Share.

Instead of Cast desktop, you could also have chosen the default Cast tab or Cast file option. With the first you can transmit a Chrome tab, while with the second option you can send multimedia files such as songs and videos in the formats that Chromecast accepts.

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Google Chrome for Windows

A very complete browser for your computer or smartphone

Google Chrome is the Internet browser with the largest number of users worldwide. It is part of Google’s application system and integrates this search engine and other online services that also depend on the technology giant and enjoy the preferences of Internet users, such as Gmail and Google Maps, among others. It can be used in computers, cell phones, and even some models of Smart TVs.

The main features of Google Chrome are its speed to open web pages and security in navigation, since it detects dangerous sites and prevents downloads that could pose a threat to the operation of the system. It also allows you to add plug-ins that improve the user experience on the Internet and has a function that allows you to transmit any of your tabs to a TV screen connected to a Chromecast. Finally, it has an incognito browsing mode, which protects the privacy of users by not saving searches or the history of web pages visited in the session to the hard drive.

Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome for iOS

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How to make video calls on your TV

Use your TV screen to bring your friends and family closer

One of the most comfortable ways to hold a person-to-person or group video conference is to use a large screen like the ones our Smart TVs have. This situation is no longer exclusive to fiction films such as the popular Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox. Indeed, there are several ways to use the TV as a screen for a video call, which is also useful for everyone who they are gathered or confined in the same room to witness the videoconference. Here are some ways to do video calls using a TV screen.

Connect the TV to the PC via HDMI cable

The easiest way to view a video call from the TV is to use the HDMI output of the PC where Skype, Zoom or another similar program is running. Just make the cable connection so that the screen of the PC (or Skype if the extended desktop function is used) is duplicated on the TV. The only downside is that you need to use cables.

Mirror the PC screen on television by wifi

It is also possible to duplicate the PC screen on a Smart TV without the need for cables. This is possible thanks to Miracast technology built into Windows 10 and smart TVs from Sony, LG, Samsung, etc., as well as streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV Stick:

To find out if your laptop supports screen mirroring, see the following article: How to know if your PC supports Miracast.

Mirror your phone screen on TV

However, because there are also mobile applications that allow video calls such as Skype or WhatsApp, it is necessary to explain the methods to duplicate the mobile screens on the television, either directly or through devices such as Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xiaomi Mi Box S, among others. Read on to discover them.

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Houseparty for Android

Share your screen and play trivia and other mini-games with your Houseparty friends

Quarantine measures imposed by the health authorities of the different countries of the world have led to the resurgence of some types of applications aimed at entertainment. Proof of this is Houseparty, a group chat and video calling application that has become very popular among youths in Italy and Spain, two of the nations hardest hit by the pandemic. Houseparty works like any other group video calling app, but adds features such as a notification system that alerts when a user opens the app, a nearby user listener, and invitations to join a chat room. It works on iOS, Android devices, Mac computers and from the Chrome browser as an extension.

But the most outstanding features of Houseparty are those that give the possibility of creating chat rooms exclusively to play different mini-games among all the participants and its function to share the desktop. The latter allows the activity carried out on the mobile device to be shared with other connected users. And in the event that video calls are made from Chrome, it offers the possibility of transmitting to the other participants the entire screen, the application window and any open tab in the browser. All this quite intuitively.

Houseparty for iPhone /iPad

Houseparty for Chrome

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