How to connect a PS4 wireless controller to an iPhone or iPad

Now you can use your DualShock 4 controller to control many iOS games and applications With the arrival of iOS 13, the list of wireless controllers that can be used on the screens of the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV has been expanded to include the DualShock 4. This original controller of the PlayStation console […]

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How to play PS4 games on your Android or iPhone

Stream games from a PS4 to your Android or iPhone with this simple trick Remote Play is a feature on PlayStation 4 console that allows gamers to use their smartphones to enjoy their favorite games, and can do so from any other room in their homes. For this it is only necessary to install on […]

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How to Sync a PS4 controller to a Fire TV Stick

Use your DualShock 4 controller to operate the Amazon Fire Stick TV. Amazon Fire TV Stick devices have the advantage that they can be remotely controlled by their own remote control, a mobile application and various third-party wireless control models, including the PS4 DualShock. This famous console controller can be connected via Bluetooth to the […]

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How to use the PS4 controller on your Sony Smart TV

While the Sony Smart TV’s remote control lets you play all the games available on the Google Play Store, the PlayStation DualShock 4 controller guarantees a better gaming experience thanks to its motion versatility. Its use only requires a simple synchronization with the TV the first time you use it. How to connect the PS4 […]

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How to turn off the PS4 controller

Although the light bar on the PS4 controller is not primarily responsible for the short battery lifetime, it can be awkward when you’re not using the controller. To turn it off, maintain pressed the PlayStation button (around 15 seconds) until the light bar turns off. See also: 79 total views, no views today

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How to reset your PS4 Controller

Fix some commons issues you might run into with your DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Some issues related to the operation of the PS4 controller, such as the typical pairing error, can be solved by resetting it. For this, you will only need some pointed element like a clip. How to reset the PS4 controller with a clip […]

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