Nero Streaming Player for iPhone or iPad

Stream photos, music and videos stored on your smartphone to the TV wireless Nero Streaming Player is an app that connects your mobile to your Smart TV wirelessly. It is capable of reproducing on the TV screen the multimedia files stored on your smartphone or on other equipment connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can […]

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How to update iOS on your iPhone wirelessly

Get performance improvements and access new iOS features by updating your iPhone The performance improvements as well as the new functions and security features for the iPhone are always published within an update of its operating system, also known as iOS. Some examples of this statement are the inclusion of Siri, the activation by iCloud, […]

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How to use Siri on iPhone

Take advantage of Siri’s artificial intelligence to put music, send a WhatsApp, turn on the light and do many things by voice command Siri is a voice-controlled personal assistant built into many Apple devices, including its mobile phones, iPad tablet, Apple TV receiver, Apple Watch, HomePod speaker, and Mac computers. This assistant was introduced on […]

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How to use OK Google in Siri on iPhone

Use Google Assistant with your voice from your iPhone Although Siri and Google Assistant are two services that compete to lead the artificial intelligence sector related to computing devices, they can coexist amicably on the iPhone thanks to the Shortcuts feature, included in iOS 13 and later versions. Being integrated into the system, this application […]

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How to connect your iPhone to a Sony Bravia using Wi-Fi Direct

Stream music, photos and videos from your iPhone to a Sony Bravia without WiFi The vast majority of Sony Bravia Smart TV models, in particular, Bravia models with a Linux system, incorporate technologies that allow them to play multimedia content sent from devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network, that is, connected to the same […]

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How to play YouTube in background on iPhone (2020)

An application to listen to YouTube with the screen off on the iPhone GoMusic Video Player is a YouTube client for iOS whose main function is to play YouTube videos in the background. This function makes it ideal for listening to music, news channels or documentaries posted on YouTube while doing other tasks on the […]

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How to play PS4 games on your Android or iPhone

Stream games from a PS4 to your Android or iPhone with this simple trick Remote Play is a feature on PlayStation 4 console that allows gamers to use their smartphones to enjoy their favorite games, and can do so from any other room in their homes. For this it is only necessary to install on […]

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How to set up an iPhone VPN for free

Connect to the Internet securely and bypass geo-blocking Betternet is a free virtual private network (VPN) service, thanks to which you can surf the Internet anonymously and securely, even when you do it from publicly accessible Wi-Fi networks. At the same time, it allows you to bypass content blocks based on the user’s geographical location, […]

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How to mirror your iPhone to TV with Mi Box S

Enjoy photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations and video games from your iPhone on the big screen Mi Box S gives you the opportunity to download Google Play Apps to access content from services such as Netflix, YouTube or Spotify directly from your TV. But that’s not all, the Xiaomi streaming player also allows you to enjoy […]

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How to locate a person using their smartphone (Android, iPhone)

Knows the exact location of a person through their cell phone number without using any software. Mobile device location services, such as those offered by Google and Apple, allow you to know the exact location of a mobile phone in real-time. They use the information provided by the GPS, the cellular network, and the device’s […]

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