How to play PS4 games on your Android or iPhone

Stream games from a PS4 to your Android or iPhone with this simple trick Remote Play is a feature on PlayStation 4 console that allows gamers to use their smartphones to enjoy their favorite games, and can do so from any other room in their homes. For this it is only necessary to install on […]

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How to set up an iPhone VPN for free

Connect to the Internet securely and bypass geo-blocking Betternet is a free virtual private network (VPN) service, thanks to which you can surf the Internet anonymously and securely, even when you do it from publicly accessible Wi-Fi networks. At the same time, it allows you to bypass content blocks based on the user’s geographical location, […]

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How to mirror your iPhone to TV with Mi Box S

Enjoy photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations and video games from your iPhone on the big screen Mi Box S gives you the opportunity to download Google Play Apps to access content from services such as Netflix, YouTube or Spotify directly from your TV. But that’s not all, the Xiaomi streaming player also allows you to enjoy […]

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How to locate a person using their smartphone (Android, iPhone)

Knows the exact location of a person through their cell phone number without using any software. Mobile device location services, such as those offered by Google and Apple, allow you to know the exact location of a mobile phone in real-time. They use the information provided by the GPS, the cellular network, and the device’s […]

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How to remove apps from an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Free up space on your iPhone and improve its performance by eliminating unused apps and games. The space occupied by apps and games you download from the Apple Store can, at some point, be considerable and significantly reduce the storage capacity of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, preventing the use of the device’s camera […]

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How to know the phone number of your SIM card with no remaining credit

Find out the number of your chips Verizon Wireless, T – Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, or other operators easily. Not being able to memorize your phone number is a widespread situation among mobile users. Most people who forget it find out through calls or text messages to their contacts. But even though these methods are handy, […]

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How to mirror your smartphone or tablet on your TV

Here all the possibilities to mirror your Android or iOS device on TV wirelessly Streaming the screen from your smartphone to a TV will allow you to enjoy your photos, videos, apps, and games on a larger screen. How you do this will depend on the operating system of your mobile phone (Android, iOS) as […]

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How to enable dark mode on iPhone and Android

The dark mode is an embedded function in the leading mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Its use has become prevalent because it reduces eye strain, saves the battery, and even by giving the terminal a new look. How to enable the dark mode on your Android The dark mode setting […]

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How to mirror your iPhone screen on a Sony Smart TV

Mirror your iPhone to TV without Apple TV Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, use the AirPlay communication protocol to connect wirelessly. Although Sony Smart TVs are not compatible with the AirPlay protocol, you can add this capability by installing the AirScreen app. In this way, you can see on a […]

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How to mirror your iPhone to LG Smart TV

Enjoy your photos, videos and video games from your iPhone on a larger screen Your LG Smart TV integrates the Screen Share technology, which allows you to duplicate the screen of any compatible device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Although the iPhone is not compatible with Screen Share, using an application you can transmit […]

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