Character AI: an AI to create digital characters

Artificial intelligence is an area of computing that is rapidly expanding. No one doubts its ability to optimize industrial processes, collaborate with medical diagnoses or automate tasks to make life easier in different areas.

But it can also serve for entertainment, teaching or experimentation purposes. This is demonstrated with the appearance and consolidation of Character AI, an application that runs from the browser or as an application for phones, which allows you to chat with digital characters with their own personalities and with a capacity for human-like interaction.

These digital entities function as chatbots and can serve different purposes such as virtual assistance, language teaching or simple entertainment. Its creators, two former Google employees, boast of having deep learning models trained from scratch with conversation as the main resource.

Its main function is the creation of fictional characters with specific behaviors. So much so that in the application interface chatbots are displayed that pretend to be Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare or Michael Jackson among many other famous people.

Character AI can also help you create your own virtual characters. This means that it makes its artificial intelligence models available to the public for the creation of chatbots with the characteristics you want to give them. Everything in a very intuitive way.

In addition, it also allows you to generate voices from simple audio samples. You can recreate voices of celebrities, those of your friends or your own voice, which you can use for whatever purposes you see fit. However, before doing so, the software warns against the indiscriminate use of this type of material.

How to download Character AI?

Character AI is software available from the website and as an application for iOS and Android. It has a free version and another for subscribers with an approximate cost of 10 euros per month that gives access to a greater number of functions.

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