Apple Vision Pro: Apple’s space computer

While it is true that the virtual reality or augmented reality experiences offered by mass consumption devices such as the PlayStation VR or Meta Quest 3, among others, may seem quite satisfactory, they are not at all comparable to those provided by the Apple Vision Pro.

These devices that look like glasses are actually space computers, a new concept devised by Apple and supported by visionOS, its new operating system developed on the basis of MacOS, iOS and iPadOS.

How do Apple Vision Pro work?

Apple Vision Pro glasses merge the digital world with the physical world around us while still losing touch with reality. Its two small ultra-high definition screens, one for each eye, generate a perfect three-dimensional interface and ensure that it is displayed in front of the user’s eyes. The desktop and applications of the spatial computer are projected there, which in turn are controlled intuitively with the user’s eyes, hands and voice.

But there’s more, in the infinite three-dimensional canvas generated by the Apple Vision Pro, open applications can be displayed in any position and size, redefining the concept of multitasking. Plus, a simple wireless connection with text input accessories like Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad can turn Apple Vision Pros into true workstations. They even have the ability to move the user’s Mac desktop to their 4K spatial display.

As for the entertainment aspect, the Apple Vision Pro can run a complete set of multimedia applications and games. Its spatial screen can simulate a screen up to 30 meters long to enjoy television content in traditional format or movies in 3D. All this complemented by a sophisticated spatial audio system.

Communications applications are also widely supported and also benefit from the mixed reality generated by Apple Vision Pro. In the particular case of the Face ID application, the visual and auditory sensations generated in a video call are surprising: participants can be located anywhere in the physical space that surrounds the user, and the software will represent them in real-scale mosaics and with the sound of their voice according to their location in space.

When it comes to software, the Apple Vision Pro is compatible with the vast majority of applications for the iPhone and iPad. However, it also has its own app store.

How much do the Apple Vision Pro cost?

The Apple Vision Pro is sold at a price of 3,500 US dollars. At the moment they are only available in the United States of America.

Image: Apple

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