My laptop won’t turn on – Solution

A little trick can solve the power on problem of your laptop A large percentage of requests for technical assistance from laptop users are related to the inability to turn on the computer, even with the battery on and giving signs that it is receiving power from the power supply, that is, the charging light. […]

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HP WiFi printer not printing in color only in black and white

We help you solve the problem with color printing from HP WiFi printers One of the problems users of HP WiFi printers face is the failure with color printing, as it happens quite often that their documents are printed in low quality or completely blank. It even happens that documents with color images are continuously […]

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How to use your phone as a webcam for your PC

Improve the quality of your video calls using the camera of your iPhone or Android cell phone If your PC’s webcam is not responding or you just want to try to get better image quality for your video conferences, you can use your smartphone. This is possible thanks to software like iVCam, which stands out […]

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How to check if your PC supports Miracast for screen mirroring

You can easily know if your equipment is capable of casting its screen to a television wirelessly Miracast is a technology that allows information to be shared between nearby devices wirelessly. It is based on WiFi Direct technology, so it does not need an access point to connect to two compatible computers; they only need […]

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How to mirror your laptop to a TV with Fire TV Stick

Project your PC screen to a TV wirelessly Most televisions, smart or not, have inputs where you can connect a wired PC and duplicate the signal seen on the monitor. This enables online movies and videos, presentations, or a graphic design program to be viewed on a larger screen. However, nowadays it is also possible […]

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How to mirror your PC screen on Chromecast

Send movies, presentations or your video calls to a TV with Chromecast Google Chromecast is a device that connects to a television through the HDMI port and plays on this device the content that is sent to it via Wi-Fi from compatible mobile applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Google Photos, among many others. However, its […]

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How to mirror your PC screen to Samsung Smart TV

Project your PC screen to your TV wirelessly Starting with Windows 8.1, you can use Miracast technology to project your computer screen to compatible televisions. Thanks to Miracast, you do not need to use cables to display on a larger screen any content you have on your hard drive, such as movies, PowerPoint presentations, photos, and even your […]

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How to uninstall antivirus from your PC

Get rid of Avast, ESET NOD32, and another antivirus very quickly. Sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to uninstall an antivirus through the traditional way, that is, through the uninstall tool included in Windows. There is a good reason for this, and that is that allowing the PC protection to be deactivated so easily puts […]

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How to make Google your homepage in Chrome Firefox and Edge

For most of us, in front of the computer, our first reaction is to open the Google page. The simplicity of its interface, the accuracy of its responses, and the various search options it offers – by images, by voice, by region -, makes it our first choice to search the Internet. Thus, it’s better […]

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How to activate the dark mode in your Google Chrome browser

The dark mode is trending nowadays, most operating systems and applications already integrate it into their configuration options. Its main benefits include visual fatigue decreasing and autonomy of devices increasing. Although Google Chrome does not incorporate it natively yet, it is possible to get it by activating the dark mode from Windows 10. Look here […]

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