Turn your Android phone into a univesal remote

AnyMote Universal Remote turns your old Android phone into a universal remote control Many models of smartphones have an infrared sensor, which gives them an additional utility such as being able to help control televisions and other domestic devices compatible with the remote control. This is the case of Samsung Galaxy phones (S4, S5 and […]

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How to install Aptoide TV on Android TV

Don’t miss the opportunity to have more apps on your Smart TV and TV Box with Android TV Aptoide TV is an application store for televisions and TV Box Android TV characterized by the fact that it can be used without having a user account or Google account. In addition to this, it offers only […]

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How to set up and use an Amazon Echo

High sound quality and controllability over your smart devices Amazon Echo is a smart speaker produced by Amazon. It is part of the Echo family along with other Amazon products such as the Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Studio and the Eco Show display speakers. Its main feature is that it incorporates the virtual assistant […]

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How to connect your Xiaomi Smart Light Bulb to Alexa

Turn off and on your Mi LED Smart Bulb to Alexa with your voice Among the must-have items in the smart home are smart bulbs and Xiaomi’s Mi LED Smart Bulb is one of them. This Xiaomi bulb can illuminate the home environments with different shades of colors and with a degree of intensity according […]

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How to connect a JBL Bluetooth speaker to Alexa

For less than 35 dollars manage your JBL Bluetooth speaker with your voice The JBL Bluetooth speakers in their various presentations stand out for their great sound quality and for their high degree of portability, which does not mean that they cannot be spreading sounds anywhere in the house. But if they can be blamed […]

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How to connect your iPhone to a Sony Bravia using Wi-Fi Direct

Stream music, photos and videos from your iPhone to a Sony Bravia without WiFi The vast majority of Sony Bravia Smart TV models, in particular, Bravia models with a Linux system, incorporate technologies that allow them to play multimedia content sent from devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network, that is, connected to the same […]

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What is Amazon Alexa?

Alexa can help you automate household chores Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant integrated into this company’s products capable of receiving voice commands such as Amazon Echo smart speakers. Alexa processes voice orders in the cloud and transmits them to digital devices compatible with its technology, including switches, lamps, locks, video cameras, audio players, and Smart […]

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How to update your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Install the latest software on your Fire TV to fix bugs, improve its performance or get new apps Search for updates screen on Amazon Fire TV StickThe Fire TV Stick, like other streaming media players running software, often receives updates via the Internet automatically. These software updates offer performance improvements, fix bugs from the previous version […]

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How to update your LG Smart TV firmware

Fix any problem with the operation of your TV (applications that do not open…) by following a few simple steps Smart TVs of various brands and models run software that gives them the ability to enhance the features of a traditional TV, such as Internet access, screen mirroring, and interaction with other user devices connected […]

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How to stream movies from PC to Smart TV

Watch movies from PC on your Smart TV LG, Panasonic, Samsung via wifi Many models of smart TVs from major brands support DLNA, a communication standard that makes it possible to share multimedia content between devices connected to a home network. This function allows them to play the music or movies transmitted from DLNA file […]

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