Hard Reset X96 Mini Android Smart TV Box – A Step-by-Step Guide

X96 mini

The X96 Mini Android Smart TV Box is a compact and versatile device that can turn any regular TV into a smart TV, powered by Android. It offers access to a wide array of applications, streaming services, and more, greatly enhancing the TV watching experience. However, like any advanced electronic device, it may sometimes run into problems that necessitate a hard reset to restore factory settings. This guide offers detailed instructions for performing a hard reset on your X96 Mini Smart TV Box, whether you have the remote control at hand or not.

Hard Reset with the TV Box Remote

When resetting your X96 Mini with the remote control, the first step is to ensure the device is properly connected to your TV.

Then, using the remote, navigate to the home page of the TV box and then proceed to the settings menu. In the settings menu, find and select “Storage and Reset” from the available options. Inside this menu, you’ll come across the option for a factory data reset. Selecting this will prompt a warning screen, cautioning that all data, including downloaded apps, Google accounts, and system apps, will be erased.

This step is crucial, and it’s important to be certain before confirming the reset, as it will completely wipe the device, reverting it to its factory default settings.

Hard Reset Without the TV Box Remote (Android 6.0.1)

If you don’t have the remote control, a hard reset can still be performed. Begin by inserting a toothpick or similar small object into the AV port to press and hold a hidden button. While maintaining pressure on the button, connect your HDMI cable. Continue holding the button until the device boots into restore mode, which is indicated by a specific screen.

Once in restore mode, you will have the option to wipe data for a factory reset and clear the cache. This action is critical for ensuring the device is completely cleared and ready for a fresh start. After the reset, the device will display the X96 logo, indicating it is turning back on and ready for the initial setup process.

Whether using the remote control or not, resetting your X96 mini often resolves any operational issues encountered and restores the device to its original state. Nevertheless, do not forget that a complete reset will erase all data present. Be sure, then, to back up any important information beforehand.

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