Galaxy AI: Samsung’s New AI Transforming Your Mobile Experience

It is increasingly common for mobile phones to execute tasks that involve artificial intelligence algorithms. It is obvious that they are devices with a variety of intelligent functions, but Samsung has taken a step that will mark the direction to follow for the models that appear with the launch of Galaxy AI, the new artificial intelligence integrated into its most recent high-end proposal: Galaxy S24 series.

Galaxy AI is a comprehensive mobile AI experience, powered by on-device AI capabilities and cloud AI tools, and enhanced by collaboration with industry leaders like Google. Galaxy AI integrates with several fundamental functions of Galaxy phones or any smartphone in general. Its objective is to amplify the daily mobile experience, without neglecting the security and privacy protection that is already common in Galaxy terminals.

In the following lines, we offer you a brief review of the main features of Galaxy AI, and which are the first phones to incorporate it.

Live translation for barrier-free communication

One of the most significant features of Galaxy AI is Live Translate, which makes instant translations of phone calls between different languages, both in text and voice. Thus, it enables dialogue between two people who speak different languages without the need to use external applications or services.

Live Translate is integrated directly into the phone app and works bi-directionally. That is, you can speak in your language and the person on the other end of the call will hear what you have said in their language. And the same thing happens in the opposite direction; When that person answers you in their language, you will hear it in yours. Additionally, Live Translate also has an option that allows you to read the call transcript on the phone screen.

Live Translate does not require the interlocutor to have a Samsung Galaxy mobile, since the entire operation is carried out on the user’s device. In addition, Live Translate supports multiple languages, and is based on Google Translate technology, which ensures fast and correct translation.

Interpreter: translate text conversations instantly

Another element of Galaxy IA aimed at overcoming language barriers is Interpreter. It allows you to translate text conversations in real time between different messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger. Thus, it is possible to chat with people who speak another language without leaving the application you are using.

Interpreter has a very simple operation. Simply select the text you want to translate, and a floating window will appear with the translation in the language you have chosen. You can also write your response in your language, and it will be automatically translated into the recipient’s language. Furthermore, in conjunction with Live Translate, it is capable of transcribing voice conversations made in real time and displaying them on the screen.

Interpreter is also based on Google Translate technology, and supports more than 100 languages. In addition, it can be used in any application that allows you to select text, such as the browser, email or social networks.

Chat Assist – generates automatic responses and text suggestions

Another Galaxy AI feature designed to make communication easier is Chat Assist. It allows you to generate automatic responses and text suggestions that fit the context and tone of the conversation.

Chat Assist’s artificial intelligence adapts to a variety of dialogue situations, both formal and informal. while offering instant spelling corrections.

Chat Assist is built into your phone’s keypad and activates when you receive a text message in any compatible app, displaying three response options you can choose from just by tapping them. You can also write your own answer, and the tool will suggest words or phrases to complete it. In addition, Chat Assist adapts to your writing style and habits, being able to learn from previous interactions.

Note Assist: Create and organize voice, text and image notes

Another Galaxy AI feature developed with productivity in mind is Note Assist, which allows you to create and manage notes made with the phone but which extends to any document in general. Its function is to organize in a more structured way the ideas that you write down on your phone and the files that contain some type of information.

Artificial intelligence can create summaries, make spelling corrections or translations, and save them in an easily accessible place.

Note Assist works integrated with the Samsung Notes application, offering several options for creating notes: through dictation, writing with the keyboard or capturing images with the camera. In all cases, Note Assist will help you intelligently manage content.

Transcript Assist: convert any audio or video to text

Another Galaxy AI feature to save time and effort is Transcript Assist, which allows you to convert any audio or video recording into text, with editing and formatting options. Thus, it is possible to obtain the written content of any file that contains sound, such as podcasts, conferences, interviews, and even songs and film material.

What are the phones that incorporate Galaxy AI?

Galaxy IA is one of the great novelties of the new Samsung phones that were presented at Unpacked 2024. It is the Galaxy S24 series made up of three models: the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24+ and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. All of them share some features, such as the Exynos 2400 processor with AMD GPU, 5G connectivity, IP68 certification, the stereo speaker with Dolby Atmos sound, the wireless and reversible charger, and support for the S Pen.

However, as announced by the Korean company, at the end of March 2024 the following models will begin to receive Galaxy AI through an update to the One UI interface: Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Tab S9.

Image: Samsung

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