How to search saved messages on WhatsApp by date

Typically, changes made to software through the update feature are to improve it. And this has been demonstrated with the versions of WhatsApp that run on iOS and Android terminals, in which the search function has been improved.

This function was efficient for finding information saved within a WhatsApp conversation by searching for matches for a certain word or phrase, but it was not so efficient with respect to content sent or received months or years old, at least until the inclusion of the criterion search by date.

Searching by date in WhatsApp is a very useful tool that complements the traditional search function. Allows access to messages that were sent or received on a specific day, without having to review the entire conversation. Thus, it is possible to more easily find a photo, a video, an audio, a link or some other element related to a date that can be remembered.

How to use search by date in WhatsApp?

To use the search by date in WhatsApp you just have to follow these steps:

First of all, make sure to update WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Open the application, enter the chats screen and select the conversation in which you want to search for messages by a specific date.

Tap the contact’s profile icon and on the screen that appears, tap the Search option (magnifying glass icon). Now, tap the calendar icon accompanied by a magnifying glass located above the keyboard.

To finish, select the date and tap Go to date.

WhatsApp will show you the messages that match the date you have entered. You can swipe the screen up or down to see more messages from that day or nearby days. Or in any case repeat the process selecting another particular date.

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