What Happens When You Press the Power Button on Your Phone Five Times?

A smartphone acts similarly to a compact computer. Its processor enables the execution of intricate applications or tasks, internet browsing, and serves as a comprehensive entertainment hub. The most advanced models are equipped with artificial intelligence technologies in both their hardware and software components.

However, it is still an essential communication tool, always ready to get us out of trouble in emergency situations, either using apps or with its telephone function itself.

Precisely for these types of situations, manufacturers have implemented a personal safety feature in the on/off button of the phones that offers the greatest discretion in calls to local emergency services, and that can be used when users are in imminent danger, for example, an assault.

What happens when you press the phone’s on/off button five times?

Using this security feature of modern phones, both iPhone and Android in brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei, is very simple.

Simply press the side button five times to turn the device on or off. An interface will immediately open to stealthily establish the call with the emergency service of the town where you live, usually the police headquarters or an entity assigned to rescue people. Depending on the phone model, this security feature may include countdowns that automatically start actions when the countdown ends and alarms.

How to let your contacts know when you call emergency services?

There is even the possibility of defining emergency contacts who will be notified when the user makes calls to emergency services.

On Android you have to define the emergency contact list from Settings > SOS Emergency. While on the iPhone you have to enter the Health app, click on the profile icon and select Medical record. Within its editing options is the section to add emergency contacts.

In both cases, from Settings > Emergency SOS it is possible to customize the personal security feature options of the phones in detail.

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