How to recover hidden Wi-Fi keys on your iPhone

The iPhone is a smart device. Its iOS operating system allows it to take certain powers to optimize the use of certain resources, just as happens with mobile data. To reduce its consumption, it has several predetermined functions, including the function of automatically connecting to known Wi-Fi networks, that is, wireless networks to which you have previously connected.

This default feature of the iPhone is complemented by the storage in its memory of information about the name of Wi-Fi networks and more technical details, but it also includes access passwords, information that can be useful at any other time.

Therefore, if you want to find out the password of a Wi-Fi network to which you have previously connected, a situation that frequently happens when you go to a friend or family member’s house, or your favorite club or bar, you will only have to look into the settings of your iPhone. However, they are hidden behind asterisks, so they need to be deciphered with the following trick.

How to decrypt hidden wifi keys on iPhone

Unlock your iPhone. Then, go to Settings > Wi-Fi. In the My networks section, locate the known Wi-Fi network whose password you want to find out and click on the “i” button (circled) located to the right of its name.

Then, click on Password. The WiFi key will appear hidden between asterisks. To make it visible you will only have to tap on it and authenticate with your iPhone user account.

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