Ai Pin: a new format for mobile phones

Even before its massive launch planned for 2024, it is already attracting the attention of the media, gadget enthusiasts and different manufacturers committed to technology. We are referring to the AI Pin device, a mobile device without a screen or installed applications, but with the ability to make calls and exchange messages, as well as interact with information from the Internet. All this through artificial intelligence.

How does Ai Pin work?

The Ai Pin is produced by Humane, a start-up led by two former Apple employees, but which has received funding from Microsoft and Open AI. It is a small device that magnetically adheres to the user’s clothing.

Simply touch it on a point of contact for the virtual assistant built into your operating system to activate and interpret the spoken words, asking it to carry out the multiple tasks for which it has been designed. Ai Pin uses Open AI’s GPT-4 language model, a more advanced version of ChatGPT.

On the other hand, it incorporates a video camera capable of recognizing the environment and a laser system capable of projecting information and user menus on the palm of the hand or on different surfaces.

According to its manufacturers, its processing capacity is not yet maxed out, but in the future it will be able to provide, among other things, nutritional or calorie information for a specific stew. Ai Pin can also connect to cloud music services and play music via Bluetooth headphones.

How much does Humane’s Ai Pin cost?

The Ai Pin will initially be marketed in the United States at a price of $699 in North American currency. However, it is subject to a monthly contract with the T Mobile operator.

In short, the Ai Pin is a revolutionary device, however, we will have to wait a while to see the reaction of consumers, especially those excessively dependent on the screen. One may also wonder what other technological possibilities will appear in the future inspired by this Humane breakthrough.

Images: Humane

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