How to use the DualShock controller on Nintendo Switch

PS4 DualShock controller

To control the Nintendo Switch console with a second controller there are several alternatives, starting with the Pro controller produced by the same manufacturer, which is equipped for all types of gaming demands. But although it is a very good option, it has an additional cost that you can avoid if you have a DUALSHOCK controller, Sony’s PS4 console controller, in your gadget collection.

Indeed, the DUALSHOCK once connected to your Nintendo Switch can perform the same functions as the Nintendo Pro controller, with the addition of having excellent ergonomics and battery life for long gaming sessions.

However, connecting to the console requires an additional device. It is a Bluetooth signal transmitter that looks like a pendrive that connects to the Nintendo Switch console through its USB port. In addition, they are very easily and cheaply available in electronics stores or online stores like Amazon.

There are many companies that offer this type of device, among them is 8BitDo, which offers a Bluetooth adapter compatible with the USB interface of the Nintendo Switch console, which also receives Constant updates to work with game controllers from different sources. Once you have this device, you just have to connect it and make some simple configurations on the console. Follow these steps.

How to connect DUALSHOCK to Nintendo Switch

To get started, plug the 8BitDo transmitter into one of the USB inputs on the Nintendo Switch dock. You can also connect it to the console’s USB Type C port to play in tabletop mode, but with the help of a USB-C to USB adapter.

Next, go to your console, go to Settings > Controls and sensors and activate the Wired communication option of the Pro controller, that is, change to the Yes alternative.

Now, press the side button of the 8BitDo transmitter and check that its LED light starts flashing. This means that it is searching for Bluetooth devices to pair with.

Next, put the DUALSHOCK controller into pairing mode. To do this, press the PS and Share buttons at the same time. You will notice that the light bar on the controller will start to flash.

Wait a few moments for the light bar to turn blue. This will indicate that the DUALSHOCK controller is paired with your Nintendo Switch console.

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