How to archive games on Nintendo Switch

The storage capacity of the Nintendo Switch console is not one of its most notable features. It only has 32 GB of internal memory, which luckily can be extended by installing a microSD card. But even so, this space may be insufficient, taking into account that downloadable video games occupy that place, as well as screenshots, various data on the activity carried out with the games themselves, both downloaded and in physical format, and the same operating system, whose size represents around 5 or 6 GB.

Therefore, it is very likely that at some point when you notice a lack of storage space, you will need to decide to resort to the function that allows you to delete video games and with them all the data associated with a game.

However, those responsible for the development of the Nintendo Switch console have devised a method that avoids making such a radical decision. It consists of archiving the game, which, while it is true, eliminates its software component from the internal memory, it does not do the same with the associated data, which, in other words, represents the progress of the game. This way, when you want to play the archived title again in the future, just download it or insert the cartridge to recover the game.

How to use the Archive function on Nintendo Switch

The Archive function on Nintendo Switch works as follows.

Enter the main menu of the console and select the icon of the game you want to archive. Press the “+” button on the console controller to access the game options menu.

Select Data Management. Next, select Archive the program. Confirm the requested action and wait a few moments for the process to complete.

How to restore an archived game on Nintendo Switch

What’s notable about the Archive feature on Nintendo Switch is that it allows for quick restoration of a game that was in play before archiving. To do this, simply select the game icon located in the main menu of the console.

How to recover the game of a game deleted from the Nintendo Switch memory

Unfortunately, the same cannot be done with deleted games. Instead, you have to download them again from the Nintendo Switch store and start the game from the beginning.

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