How to post written texts on TikTok

TikTok is no longer content with attracting the audience of those who prefer content with great visual impact. Now, it has decided to rival Twitter and Threads in the sector of sharing ideas online by offering a new type of publication in which the predominant element is written texts. And with which it also aims to expand the creativity of its users beyond the limits imposed by the multimedia experience.

This new TikTok publication format, consisting of the publication of written messages, makes use of a powerful element of communication on the Internet, very affordable for all smartphone users and which lends itself to the dissemination of thoughts, poems, recipes or subliminal messages, among other types of textual content, whose size must not exceed 4000 characters.

How do TikTok text messages work

The good thing about this new TikTok feature is that it is very easy to use, having been conveniently incorporated into the usual content publishing interface under the name Text, just to the right of the Photo option.

A simple click on Text will display the word-based content editing screen. Write down the ideas you want to communicate to the community of TikTok users and then make any visual improvements you see fit. For this, you have customization elements whose function is to make them more striking.

You can choose a background song, font size, typographic styles and background colors. You also have the possibility of adding stickers, labels to other profiles, hashtags and visual effects. All of these options are conveniently arranged on the screen.

The publishing options for the new content created are the usual TikTok ones, that is, publishing to Everyone, Friends on TikTok or Only you. Likewise, you have the possibility to activate or deactivate the publication of comments.

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