Bard is now Gemini and you can use it as an app

The change could be seen coming. The experimental chatbot Bard with which Google brought AI closer to the community of Internet users is now called Gemini, in turn, the most ambitious AI project that Google had been working on and with which it tries to compete with the family of models Open AI GPT.

The Gemini chatbot will be incorporated into Google’s productivity apps and cloud services but will also work at the level of individual users. For example, smartphone owners.

In the first case, Gemini will be offered under the name Gemini Advanced and is based on Gemini Ultra, the most advanced model of the Gemini family; The other two that make up the Gemini family are Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano.

Gemini Advanced, due to its advanced nature, is capable of developing highly complex tasks and ideas, ideal for business or scientific uses. It can operate with text, audio, video, images and computer code. Gemini Advanced works within Google One’s AI Premium plan. Its price is around $20 per month.

While for home users (home level), Gemini will use the Gemini Pro model and will be implemented in the form of a mobile application for Android, as well as a web interface accessible from the browser. However, it will also be integrated into the Google app for iOS.

Even on Android smartphones, the Gemini app can replace the Google Assistant, although the way to invoke it with your voice along with the usual commands will remain unchanged.

What will change is your ability to assist. Gemini is powered by Google’s most advanced machine learning models, both in terms of language understanding and knowledge. Like its predecessor Bard, Gemini is capable of generating creative content in different forms and answering informative questions with considerable certainty.

How to access Gemini for free?

Gemini is offered free of charge to individual users from its website, also from an official app for Android and the Google app for iPhone and iPad available in official app stores (at the moment only in USA).

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