Carina AI: Internet-Connected WhatsApp Virtual Assistant

First it was LuzIA, then Pi and now it’s Carina‘s turn, a new virtual assistant that you can connect to your WhatsApp account to request information related to any field of knowledge.

This tool works from the WhatsApp chat screen and like its predecessors, it is present as another contact in the application, however, it has an additional advantage: it can access the Internet.

Carina is a technological product developed by a Spanish startup based in Vigo. It uses AI-powered language models and a set of algorithms to understand WhatsApp users’ queries made in human language and a variety of languages such as English, French, German and Italian.

Because Carina works connected to the Internet, she can access a wide range of online information and resources to provide more accurate and up-to-date answers than ChatGPT-based virtual assistants that work inside or outside of WhatsApp.

Other functions of Carina include translating words into different languages and predicting the weather for days after the current one.

You can also ask it to transcribe audio files, such as your WhatsApp friends’ voice notes, and summarize written documents saved in PDF format, simply by sending it the files in question. And despite how sophisticated its artificial intelligence may be, Carina is designed to respond to WhatsApp users’ requests in the friendliest way possible.

How to add Carina to WhatsApp

Making Carina one of your WhatsApp contacts is very easy. You just have to open your mobile browser and enter its developers’ page

Next, you must click on the arrow icon located at the bottom of the page, which will open a conversation with Carina on WhatsApp. From there, you can add it as a new contact and, if you wish, give it a preferential location on the chat screen.

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