WOMBO Me: Generate endless avatars with AI on your phone

From the same creators of Wombo Dream comes Wombo Me, a mobile app that uses the power of generative artificial intelligence to create amazing avatars based on your personal traits and enhanced with different artistic styles influenced by aspects of everyday life.

Wombo Me’s artificial intelligence only needs a selfie to build a collection of avatars that you can later use on your social networks or for whatever purposes you see fit.

The graphic styles included in the application include comics, yearbooks, children’s, portraits, futuristic, famous movie scenes, fairy tale characters, Instagram photos, among others, most of them for free use. However, it also has a purchase option for Premium styles.

The avatar creation process is very intuitive. Simply open the app, take a selfie and choose an artistic style. Wombo Me will be in charge of generating a package of 10 avatars, from which you can select the ones you like the most.

After this, they will be saved in the application gallery, but you can also download them to your phone or share them directly through compatible applications. And this process can be repeated as many times as you want with each of the available styles.

Wombo Me is a mobile application developed by the Wombo AI company. It works on iPhone and Android phones, and is available for download from official app stores.

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